Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

  • Neighborhood Rumors: Fighting Defamation

    Many people routinely gossip and spread rumors, often nasty rumors. Although most of these issues "blow over," others persist and can negatively affect your life. If the quality of your life is being impacted, should you consider confronting the rumors or suing the source? You may need to take one or both actions since defamation is considered a personal injury. Rumor Damage Fighting rumors is sometimes a losing proposition. Because these statements are often prefaced with an "

  • 4 Ways To Prove Your Car Accident Case

    Being involved in an automobile accident is one of the most devastating times for many people. You may be injured and forced to deal with some issues that can be time-consuming and costly. The key to recovering your losses will ultimately depend on what you do immediately after the wreck. It might be in your best interest to fall a lawsuit against the other driver if this individual was at fault.

  • 3 Things You Can Do To Help Support A Workers' Comp Claim

    Even in a relatively safe work environment, you can become injured. Workers' compensation insurance will often cover the cost of your injury-related expenses, such as the bills for your medical care. However, in order to receive compensation for the accident-related losses, there are some measures that you should take. Here are a few of them: Don't wait to report your injuries. It can be tempting to delay reporting an injury, especially if you don't feel that it is serious.

  • Workers Beware: Five Ways Employers Encourage Denial of Compensation Claims

    Worker's compensation is a safety net that prevents people from facing financial ruin due to an injury at work. The program is a beneficial one for employees, but it is something that is expensive for employers that have a workplace that experiences a lot of claims. Some employers have become experts at finding ways to argue successfully against their employees. This is acceptable when the claim is false, but it is devastating to a genuinely injured employee that has their claim denied.

  • Want to Sue for Medical Malpractice? You'll Need This Information to Be Successful

    When there is a problem with your health that is misdiagnosed or otherwise mishandled by a nurse, physician, or other healthcare providers, you might want to sue them. More than 17,000 lawsuits regarding medical malpractice are filed each year, and if you want to file one yourself, you need to do everything you can to ensure that your case will be successful. Pay attention to the following so that you can prevail.

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