Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

  • Other Legal Rights You May Have In Addition To Remaining Silent

    If you are the subject of an active criminal investigation, it is important that you know the specific rights that you have. Not knowing your rights may result in criminal charges being brought against you as a result of revealing information to authorities which strengthens their case. Some people do not understand that their rights extend far beyond the scope of remaining silent. The following are examples of some of the rights you may have.

  • Personal Injury Depositions and You

    Being injured in an accident that was not your fault may cause you to consider filing a personal injury lawsuit against the other party. You should know that you may be entitled to money damages for your pain and suffering, as well as all related medical expenses and personal property damage or loss. A personal injury case proceeds in steps, and the first major step is a deposition. This important legal meeting allows both sides of the case to learn more about the evidence, witnesses and the potential for damages if the case should go to trial.

  • Duties Of The Executor In 8 Steps

    Only the most trusted and responsible family members or friends can expect to be appointed as the executor of a will. While you may be flattered and honored to be chosen, you are also likely confused about exactly what being an executor encompasses. For this important duty to be carried out property, you must take care to handle all issues pertaining to the deceased's estate and ensure that their wishes are acted upon.

  • Don't Make One of These 3 Mistakes in Your Personal Injury Claim

    Being injured is the last thing anyone can anticipate. Whether it be leaving a friend's home or coming out of the grocery store, personal injuries can happen at any point in time. Injuries leave you dealing with lost wages, medical bills and possibly an extensive recovery process. This isn't exactly at the top of anyone's list. Unfortunately, personal injuries happen all the time. To make sure you get the compensation you deserve, avoid making one of these costly mistakes in your claim.

  • What To Do If Your Doctor Causes a Birth Injury Due to Premature Inducing

    If your obstetrician induced labor because he or she believed your baby was ready to be born but miscalculated your baby's due date, this may have caused injuries to your baby from being born prematurely. If you decide to pursue a legal case, here are steps to take when going through the process of suing your obstetrician for medical negligence which harmed your baby. Contact a Physical Injury Attorney You will need to hire an attorney to represent your child.

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