Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

  • Kentucky Dog Bite Lawsuit Tips

    A dog bite lawsuit can be a very valuable tool if you were bitten by someone else's dog, but it is important to understand how they work before you dive in. By properly preparing and researching the laws of your state, you can determine whether or not your lawsuit is a good idea and how much money you can stand to win. For Kentucky, here are a couple of the most important considerations that you will need to make, the applicability (or lack thereof) of the one bite rule, and the idea of comparative negligence.

  • What You Should Know About Swimming Pools And Potential Lawsuits

    With the warm weather of summer almost here, you may be eager to get your backyard swimming pool ready to go. While you have gotten to this point without any problems, having a swimming pool opens you up to potential lawsuits if someone is injured. That's why it's important that you are prepared for the possible legal dangers of owning a swimming pool. Your Pool Could Cause An Injury When You're Not Around

  • Liability And What It Means For Your Personal Injury Case

    If you have been injured in an accident, the at-fault party may owe you some monetary damages. You have a right to safely travel on the road without getting into a wreck, and the person who hit you, or at least their insurance company, may be required to "make you whole" again by covering your medical expenses, your loss of property, your lost wages and most importantly, your pain and suffering.

  • Other Legal Rights You May Have In Addition To Remaining Silent

    If you are the subject of an active criminal investigation, it is important that you know the specific rights that you have. Not knowing your rights may result in criminal charges being brought against you as a result of revealing information to authorities which strengthens their case. Some people do not understand that their rights extend far beyond the scope of remaining silent. The following are examples of some of the rights you may have.

  • Personal Injury Depositions and You

    Being injured in an accident that was not your fault may cause you to consider filing a personal injury lawsuit against the other party. You should know that you may be entitled to money damages for your pain and suffering, as well as all related medical expenses and personal property damage or loss. A personal injury case proceeds in steps, and the first major step is a deposition. This important legal meeting allows both sides of the case to learn more about the evidence, witnesses and the potential for damages if the case should go to trial.

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    Understanding Personal Injury Law

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