Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

Unscheduled Detour: Next Steps After Your Motorcycle Is Run Off The Road By A Driver

Kristina Walker

As a motorcycle driver, you may see drivers who behave as if you are a nuisance on the road. Many cars may try to unsafely pass you or even signal for you to get out of the way when you are in their lane. This can sometimes lead to unsafe conditions for motorcycle drivers. One of the most dangerous scenarios that can happen is if you get run off the road. Sometimes this may happen if a driver does not see you. Other times this can happen if a driver is attempting to pass you but is still actually inside of your lane. If you are in a situation where you are being run off the road, here are some tips on handling it and holding the driver responsible. 

Exit the roadside as safely as possible

If you notice that a driver is pushing you off the road, it can be a good idea to leave the main roadway. While you may not want to wind up on the shoulder of the road or even in a ditch, it can be better than getting into an accident with the vehicle itself. Once you notice a car speeding towards you or making maneuvers that force you off the road, leave the roadway as safely as possible, attempting to pay attention to your own speed. 

Flag down other drivers

Once you have been run off the roadway, if you are still in good shape, you should flag down other drivers quickly. These other drivers that were close behind you and the car may be able to provide statements to the police detailing what happened. If you are in front of the car, it is unlikely that you will have been able to see their license plate, but cars behind them may have a better description and some plate numbers. 

Take snapshots of the surrounding area and damage

Once you have filled out a police report, you need to take photos of the scene and of your equipment. When you are run off the road, there is a high likelihood of damage to your bike, especially the wheels and underneath the front end of your bike. Take thorough photographs of your bike equipment, and then take pictures of where you were run off the road and wound up. If you need up needing a motorcycle accident attorney later on, this could be crucial towards proving that your accident wasn't a single accident. It can sometimes be difficult to make claims in a situation where you are run off the road by someone else. To prove your side of the story to the insurance companies, you will need to reconstruct the scene and evidence as thoroughly as possible. 


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