Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

Neighborhood Rumors: Fighting Defamation

Kristina Walker

Many people routinely gossip and spread rumors, often nasty rumors. Although most of these issues "blow over," others persist and can negatively affect your life. If the quality of your life is being impacted, should you consider confronting the rumors or suing the source? You may need to take one or both actions since defamation is considered a personal injury.

Rumor Damage

Fighting rumors is sometimes a losing proposition. Because these statements are often prefaced with an "I wonder" or an "I heard," pinning down the source can be nearly impossible. Plus, once a rumor has gone through a dozen people who spread it via email, text, and in-person conversations, it has mutated into many different versions of an originally untrue tale. What started out as an observation that you like wine is translated to your being a raging alcoholic with a three box a day habit. Unfortunately, once something has been spread around, it can't be totally erased.

Defending Yourself

Experts warn you not to seek revenge. As tempting as spreading your own rumors about the rumormongers may be, you will only lessen your credibility. If possible, try setting the record straight. Ignoring the rumors may only give them credence in some people's eyes. Instead, calmly tell your friends what is going on and establish the truth. They can also help you get out your side of the story. Depending on the sensitivity of the issue, you can also post a defense on your social media accounts and allow only a select group to see it. Don't overreact and blast a massive email.

Legal Action

In extreme circumstances, you may be able to sue for mental anguish, loss of reputation, and financial impact. When you consult with an attorney, they will explain the type of proof needed in order to be successful. You will generally have to prove that someone lied about you "knowingly or recklessly" and "published" it to others, either verbally or in print and that you suffered demonstrable harm as a result. If your health suffered or you lost money due to rumor or lies, you may be able to get legal relief.

You really do not have to take rumors "lying down." Idle gossiping can turn into something more malignant. If lies are being spread about you, defend yourself in the court of public opinion. If that act isn't sufficient, get a lawyer to defend you in a legal court. You do not have to be a silent victim of other people's hatefulness. For more information, visit websites like http://www.trammellandmills.com.


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