Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

  • Understanding The Types Of Personal Injury Damages

    If you are injured in an accident where someone else is responsible, you are likely looking into a personal injury lawsuit to recover your losses. Here are the types of damages you can receive after suffering from a personal injury. Punitive Damage Punitive damages are awarded in situations where someone acts with reckless disregard or malice. It is behavior that is intentional that ends up causing your injury, regardless if the end action was intentional or not.

  • 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Working With An Auto Accident Lawyer

    Auto accidents are scary events to deal with. They can be extremely frustrating, too, as you may not be accountable for it happening. If this is true, you would be better off hiring an auto accident lawyer. As long as you avoid these mistakes, working with this attorney should prove beneficial for receiving compensation.  Fleeing the Scene Getting into a severe auto accident can be quite nerve-racking. It can be hard to think straight after it's over.

  • Suing After Slipping On A Wet Floor

    A grocery store is the last place that someone would think they will get injured at. However, people get injured in groceries stores every now and then due to various reasons, such as slipping on a wet floor. Although slipping and falling in a grocery store doesn't always lead to a serious injury, it can still happen. Are you an elderly man or woman who slipped on a wet floor in a grocery store and now have broken bones that will require surgery?

  • What You Should Know About A Mild Traumatic Brain Injury After An Accident

    Brain damage is something that happens a lot from the trauma during a car accident, but there are many times when people have brain damage from accidents and do not even realize it. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is what brain damage is called, but if you have mild TBI, you might not even know that you have it. Here are several things to understand about mild TBI after a car accident.

  • Is Workers Compensation Right For Your Situation?

    Workers compensation can mean the difference between making a healthy return to work and missing vital bills while you're out of work, but is it more of a bandage than a cure in some cases? Hopefully, your injuries are truly temporary and you'll make a full recovery, but you don't want to sign your rights away on that hope. Here's a few scenarios to help you understand your options and what you may be leaving on the table before contacting a workers compensation lawyer.

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    Understanding Personal Injury Law

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