Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Working With An Auto Accident Lawyer

Kristina Walker

Auto accidents are scary events to deal with. They can be extremely frustrating, too, as you may not be accountable for it happening. If this is true, you would be better off hiring an auto accident lawyer. As long as you avoid these mistakes, working with this attorney should prove beneficial for receiving compensation. 

Fleeing the Scene

Getting into a severe auto accident can be quite nerve-racking. It can be hard to think straight after it's over. However, you shouldn't let your emotions get in the way and then drive off. 

Doing this will significantly hurt your chances of winning this personal injury claim, and you could be charged with a hit and run. Instead, you need to stay put and wait until an officer arrives. Then, you can give them your statement and it will be recorded officially. Your attorney will then be able to access this statement to build a case. 

Talking to Insurance Adjusters

After this auto accident, insurance adjusters will be reaching out to find out what happened. They need to know your side of the accident so they can move this claims process along. That being said, it's better to not talk with these adjusters.

You may say something that hurts your case that the adjusters will use against you. Instead, you should just direct their call to your auto accident lawyer. They can speak on your behalf and give these insurance adjusters everything they need to move forward in their investigation.

Disclosing Accident Details on Social Media

Social media is such a popular resource to use for expressing how you feel after certain life events. You may get the urge to take to social media to describe what happened during the accident and to vent. You need to avoid doing this, though.

Disclosing any information about the accident on social media could hurt your case. The opposing attorney may take your statements out of context and use them against you in court. It's best to follow your attorney's advice and stay off social media completely. Only disclose key details about the accident to your attorney, who will guide you through this legal process. 

Auto accidents happen every single day, and sometimes, you'll be on the receiving end of one. This might warrant help from an auto accident lawyer. As long as you proceed carefully and follow the right protocol, working with this attorney will prove beneficial in terms of receiving justice. 


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