Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

  • Common Reasons Why Ridesharing Accidents Occur

    When you choose to ride with another driver through a rideshare app, you are placing your own safety in the hands of the other driver. Unfortunately, some drivers are highly reckless and your driver might even get you in an accident. There are several actions that often lead to ridesharing crashes. Speeding One of the most common problems with a rideshare driver is how much they might engage in speeding. While rideshare drivers speed less often than a typical driver, it is still a widespread problem.

  • Pedestrians Are Often Blamed For Their Injuries

    It is never the goal of any person to be hit by a car. So, when a pedestrian accident victim is forced to deal with an accusation that they played a part in the incident on top of their injuries — it is not a good feeling. Unfortunately, this scenario is the exact experience some pedestrian victims experience. Surroundings Awareness In personal injury cases, all parties are expected to exercise a duty of care.

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Understanding Personal Injury Law

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