Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing An Injury Attorney

Kristina Walker

It's not always easy to find the right injury attorney for your case. You have most likely seen advertisements for attorneys on TV, or perhaps there are billboards advertising for attorneys on the roads you drive on. 

If you have been injured, finding the right attorney as soon as possible can be vital in securing the compensation you may be entitled to receive. How do you avoid mistakes when choosing an injury attorney so your case has a chance of success? Here are some of the mistakes to avoid when looking for the right injury attorney.

Hiring A General Attorney Instead Of A Personal Injury Lawyer

It's actually a common mistake, but many people hire a general law attorney instead of a dedicated injury attorney. They may have dealt with that attorney before and feel comfortable with them.

While it might be okay in some cases to pick a general law attorney, in the event of a personal injury such as a car accident, slip and fall case, or workplace accident, it's best to choose an injury attorney instead.

They have the expertise and expert knowledge of the laws surrounding personal injury. They have experience in dealing with insurance companies and filing claims that can get you the compensation you could be entitled to.

Personal injury law can be complicated, and you want a lawyer who understands how to help you.

Picking A Lawyer Who Always Settles

It might seem easier to pick a lawyer who always settles insurance claims outside of the courtroom. You may get your money faster and you don't need to go through with court proceedings, which could take months to complete. 

While it may seem like the right move to make, it's often a better idea to choose an injury attorney who doesn't always settle every claim outside of the courtroom. While some cases are simple and it may be fine to receive a settlement from the insurance company for the accident, it doesn't always mean you will get the maximum amount of compensation you could receive.

In fact, it may be better for your injury attorney to file a lawsuit against your insurance company. The courts will take into account all available information about the case. This means they will look at the documentation about your job and how the nature of your injury may mean can't earn an income at all, or at the same level anymore. They will take into account how much you will need for medical expenses and ongoing support such as food, bills, and rent or mortgage payments. You may get a higher compensation package than if you just settled out of court.

Contact a local injury attorney to learn more.


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