Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

Are You Overwhelmed With Bills From An Auto Accident And Insurance Won't Pay Your Claim? Get A Car Accident Lawyer Today

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An auto accident that wasn't your fault can drain your finances, and leave you in debt for years. If you were involved in an auto accident that another driver caused, and you can't get a response from your insurance provider, or the insurance provider of the other driver, get a lawyer.

Even if the driver of the other vehicle didn't have insurance or doesn't have great coverage, your insurance provider should be willing to help with your expenses. That is why you pay for coverage. Here are some of the things the lawyer will do to help you with making claims.

Go Over the Details of the Accident 

A lawyer will go over the details of the accident by looking at the information, including items like the following:

  • Police reports
  • Auto repair estimates
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Medical bills
  • Video footage

All of the things that you have that will provide the information from the accident will be important for the case, and your lawyer will need these.

Look at Your Policy

The auto accident lawyer will go through your insurance policy to see what they are liable to pay. Your insurance company may not be willing to help or cooperate with your claim because they think you will stop trying to get the money eventually, or they may assume you don't know the details of your policy.

This is why you need an auto accident attorney. The attorney will not only know what the company is liable to pay out but can make sure that the insurance provider knows they are taking legal action if the claim isn't paid.

Send a Legal Notice to the Insurance Providers

Your lawyer will start contacting the insurance providers. The lawyer will let them know that you have representation and if they don't want to pay the claim, they can go to court and take the case in front of a judge. This may be enough to get the insurance company or companies to pay. If not, your lawyer may have to file a lawsuit and you will go from there.

Make sure your lawyer has all the information on expenses from the accident. This includes details about your medical bills, repair expenses, rental car costs, and anything else that resulted because of the auto accident. You don't have to let your insurance provider ignore you or try to avoid your claim, get a lawyer today.

Contact a local car accident attorney, such as David Helfand PA, to learn more. 


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