Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

Dog Bite Legal Matters

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Evidence, proof of ownership, and witness testimony can prove that a dog bite that occurred was a result of a pet owner's negligence. A dog bite attorney will use some investigative strategies to build a case that will provide a victim with the justice they are in search of.

Stray Dog Strategies

A stray dog that bites someone may not constitute placing the blame on anyone other than the animal that attacked. An animal shelter or pound, however, may be directed to take in a stray dog and have it tested for rabies. Local law enforcement should be notified immediately concerning a bite that was performed by a stray animal.

A victim should seek prompt medical care. A bite victim may need to undergo many tests to determine if a dog bite has caused a severe injury or sickness. Even if a dog appears to be a stray, it may actually belong to someone who lives near the location where the accident took place. If a dog has been microchipped, a lawyer will be able to obtain information about who the rightful owner is.

Other Bite Situations

The manner in which a pet owner cares for their dog could have a direct bearing on whether or not they are charged with a crime. Negligence could involve not having a dog properly chained up or secured behind a fence. Evidence that a lawyer will compile will be witness testimony, photographs, interview details, and medical records. A lawyer will consult with a victim first. They will take a statement from a victim. They will request a copy of their medical records and any formal police statements that the witness has given.

A lawyer may conduct surveillance. The surveillance may involve observing the setting where a dog spends time while outdoors. Law enforcement will likely be directly involved in the legal matter. They may interview the pet owner and require that the pet owner complies with testing procedures. Testing procedures may involve having a pet tested for rabies.

If a legal matter is not settled out of court, a defense attorney and a plaintiff attorney who will be representing the pet owner and the victim will direct their clients about what to expect at an upcoming court hearing. If a pet owner is found guilty of negligence, they may be responsible for paying medical fees or lost wages that are a direct result of the injury that the victim endured.

For more information, reach out to a local dog bit attorney.


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