Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

How To Seek Compensation For Your Injuries After Your Apartment Building Collapses

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When you are inside your apartment, the last thing you might expect is for the floor above you to collapse on top of you and cause injury. However, many apartments are not maintained very well and this can lead to a serious accident. If so, a personal injury lawyer might be able to help you receive an excellent settlement so you can pay for the damages you have suffered.

After the Accident

For a building to collapse, it will have to be in a horrible state. When the debris falls on you, the head injury you might suffer can be devastating. You might also suffer injuries to other areas of your body. After the accident, you should immediately seek medical treatment.

You'll need medical treatment to make sure that you have the best possible medical outcome. However, by seeking medical treatment, you will also have the medical documentation that is necessary to prove that you are actually injured. 


A landlord is responsible for warning tenants of potential dangers they are aware of. Therefore, if the landlord knew that your apartment was likely to collapse, they would be negligent for failing to warn you about the danger. A landlord would also be negligent if they fail to properly maintain the building and it leads to the collapse. 

The landlord will not be responsible for your injuries if they were not responsible for the accident. For example, if your apartment collapsed because a car crashed into the building a few minutes earlier, the driver would be responsible for the collapsing building and not the landlord.

How to Prove That the Landlord is at Fault

If you were aware of the potential hazards and notified the landlord, they will be more likely to be held responsible for the accident. By being aware of the problem, the landlord will have an obligation to do something about it. 

To be able to prove that the landlord was negligent, you might need help from witnesses who can testify to the state of the building before it collapsed. Then, you will be able to hold the landlord responsible with the help of a personal injury lawyer.

Connecting Your Injuries to the Accident

You will also need to prove that your injuries were the result of the accident and were not caused by a different accident. With the evidence provided by your doctor and the hospital where you were treated, your personal injury lawyer may be able to make a solid case for this.


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