Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

What To Do After A Job Site Injury

Kristina Walker

Were you injured while working on a job site? There are some things you need to do to ensure that you get compensated for your injury, failure to do these things can make it hard for you to get any form of compensation. This is devastating if you need money for your medical injury. To prevent this from happening take the steps listed below when you've been injured on a job site.

Get a medical Checkup

Make sure that you get a medical checkup right away even if you don't feel or see any severe injury. Injuries can get worse as time goes by and you would have missed your opportunity to make an initial medical report. Aside from the medical report you need to immediately file a report with your employer. The report should detail exactly how you got injured.

Get a Lawyer

You need to get a lawyer because your employer and their insurance company may try to get out of paying you a large sum. If this is the case then you need to have someone on your side that will defend your case. If you are badly injured, you don't want to worry about dealing with the legalities of your case when you are focused on getting better as soon as possible. Let your lawyer deal with your claims for lost wages and medical bills. Often insurance companies will do their best to pay less, your lawyer will know how to navigate around any attempts to lower your compensation.

Know Your Rights

Your employer should not offer to pay you off to let your claim disappear, this is illegal. You have the right to pursue your claim without fear of harassment or that retaliation will take place. You also have the right to compensation and your job kept safe until you can return to work. If you see any attempts to intimidate you or get you to settle your claim outside the parameters of the law do not tolerate it.

Getting an injury on the job is scary especially if you have been badly injured and worried about how you will recover and even if you will ever work again. It is important that you do things right from the start so that no loopholes are found in your case and you can get proper compensation. Find a job site accident lawyer near you for help today.  


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