Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

Is Workers Compensation Right For Your Situation?

Kristina Walker

Workers compensation can mean the difference between making a healthy return to work and missing vital bills while you're out of work, but is it more of a bandage than a cure in some cases? Hopefully, your injuries are truly temporary and you'll make a full recovery, but you don't want to sign your rights away on that hope. Here's a few scenarios to help you understand your options and what you may be leaving on the table before contacting a workers compensation lawyer.

Does Workers Compensation Keep You Safe?

Every state has a different set of workers compensation rates and limitations. In California, compensation is two-thirds of your average wages per week while you're out of work. Your medical expenses related to the injury are covered as well.

What if your pay already barely pays the bills? Additional off time may seem good, but unless you've got a lucky injury that is a problem, but doesn't get in the way of enjoying your off time, there's little benefit to being away from work. Bills still need to be paid, and unless you can get paid off the official books elsewhere, that two-thirds won't be enough.

It's important to get a workers compensation lawyer on your side in these cases. A higher pay rate can happen over time in states like California if your injury problems pass two years, but a lawyer can help you solve the pay problem sooner. Either by negotiating better rates or helping you find better compensation programs, a lawyer will have a better chance at helping you make ends meet without going into debt due to your injury.

Other Compensation Options Are Available

It's not illegal to seek help from other programs such as social security disability or a personal injury case as long as you report your earnings to every part involved. Especially with social security, receiving income from another compensation program can mean a simple rate decrease, but it could mean fraud charges and jail time if you're dishonest about what you're earning. 

A lawyer can help you keep all of those actual payments and opportunities in check, allowing you to explore each option and leave compensation programs for better forms of compensation without committing fraud. Personal injury cases may be different, as you're entitled to workers compensation as you seek charges against individuals, groups, businesses or vendors who could have caused the issue.

Reporting income is still important, but a lawyer can protect you from having to pay back to workers compensation or social security if your personal injury or other legal challenges are successful. Proper communication and records are the key here, so contact a workers compensation lawyer (like those at Locklin & Mordhorst) to get the compensation you deserve.


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