Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

Tips To Keep Safe If Attacked By A Dog

Kristina Walker

The majority of dog attacks are on visitors at a home and usually involve children. In fact, of the 4.7 million dog bites every year, 80% of those that require hospital treatment are children under the age of 15. Whether you are attacked on a run or in someone else's home, you need to know what to do. Here are three top tips to keep you and your family safe.

Don't Tease or Startle a Dog

Dogs are animals, and it is important to treat them that way. Avoid teasing them, especially if tied up. It just takes one loose link and a chain can break. You will then have a very annoyed dog on your hands.

When the dog is sleeping, don't startle the dog. You should also avoid petting a dog that hasn't seen you first. Keeping children away from dogs is important. Teach them the dangers, and how they should make sure a dog knows they are there. Don't allow your child to tease by pulling on a dog's tail.

Don't Stare at Angry Dogs

When dogs bark or growl, they are making it clear that they don't like you in their space. This is a sign of marking territory, and it is up to you to take steps back and get yourself out of the situation. Avoid making eye contact with these angry dogs. Look through your peripheral to keep the dog in sight and slowly walk away.

Staring means you want to fight the dog for space. It will antagonize it more. While walking away, remain relaxed with some authority. Being weak shows the dog that you are prey, but being overly aggressive shows that you want a fight.

Cover Your Head and Make Yourself Small

If the dog does attack, you want to cover any of the vital organs and your face. Get onto the ground and make yourself as small as possible while covering your head with your arms.

Shout to let someone know you are being attacked. This can also alert the owner, if he or she isn't in the room or the house.  You can also kick out at the dog, trying to catch it in its most vulnerable areas.

Finding middle ground can be difficult, but it will keep you safe when attacked by a dog. Avoid eye contact and take steps to remove yourself from the situation. If the dog is on a lead, don't tease and make it any angrier than it already is. If you do see an aggressive dog, make sure you report it to the authorities to keep others safe.

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