Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

Exploring 4 Common Causes Of Auto Accidents

Kristina Walker

Auto accidents may have someone at fault, but also can be simple accidents with nobody acting negligently. Understanding why the most common accidents on the road occur will help to keep you safe while driving. Here are the things to look out for while on the road and the most common reasons other drivers crash.

Distracted or Drowsy Driving

Distractions are a major problem for road users, whether it is their car stereo, cell phones, or even other passengers in the car. Tiredness is also an issue, especially for commercial drivers. With distractions and tiredness come slower reactions and mistakes. Just a few seconds could make all the difference in avoiding and causing an accident.

Distracted driving is the main cause of rear-end crashes. It results in 64% of rear-end collisions.


Hydroplaning occurs when the wheels of the car don't make contact with the road in wet conditions. Instead, they make contact with water and all grip is lost. If you change direction or speed during this time, the wheels can spin out and you spin off the road.

It is important to avoid slamming on the brakes when going through water (if you can't avoid it). By braking, you increase the risk of veering off and crashing into others.

When you see water coming up, slow down before it so you have more control. Avoid it where possible, as there may be potholes or black ice underneath. Push on the brake pedal gently if you find yourself hydroplaning to help increase the chance of gaining some control.

Driving Under the Influence

Alcohol is still one of the main reasons for car accidents. In fact, there are more than 16,000 fatal injuries due to DUIs every year. Intoxicated drivers have slower response times than those who have no alcohol in their system. They are also more likely to pass out behind the wheel.

If you are drinking, ask a friend to be the designated driver. Otherwise, be the designated driver and stick to soft drinks or water.


Potholes are a menace. Not only do they cause collisions, but they also increase the risk of damage to the underside of your car. When you go into a pothole, you lose some grip on the road, making it possible to veer off. This is especially dangerous if it is wet on the ground, where all tires run the risk of losing contact with the road.

If you can't avoid the potholes, slow down going through them. Don't drive too closely behind someone else so you stand a better chance of seeing the potholes in the road.

Those are just four of the main reasons for auto accidents to occur. Know what to look out for and protect yourself and others around you, whether your own actions or the weather around you are at fault. For more information, contact a business such as Master Weinstein Moyer PC.


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