Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

3 Reasons Why It Is So Important To Hire A Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Kristina Walker

The decision to put your loved one in a nursing home is extremely difficult, and it is made more difficult when you hear about cases of abuse within nursing homes. This abuse is carried out by members of the nursing home staff. These are the people who you trust to take care of your loved one, and what they are doing is despicable. If you know an elderly person who has suffered abuse of any kind while staying at a nursing home, you should call a nursing home abuse lawyer, such as those found at Gelman Gelman Wiskow & McCarthy LLC, immediately after you find out so that they can represent this person's case. This article will discuss 3 reasons why it is so important to hire a nursing home abuse lawyer. 

Ensure That The Abuse Stops 

The most important reason to call and hire a nursing home abuse lawyer for the elderly person is to ensure that the abuse stops immediately. You will want to withdraw this person from the nursing home and get your lawyer to start taking action against the responsible party. Getting this person out of the abusive environment will allow you to make sure that they don't suffer any more trauma, whether it be physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation. You may even save their life by getting them out of the nursing home depending on how bad the abuse and neglect were. 

Make The Responsible Party or Parties Suffer The Consequences

What the nursing home staff member has done to this elderly person is not okay, and if left unchecked, they will likely continue abusing other elderly people within the nursing home. Not all elderly people realize that they are being abused or are coherent enough to be able to report that they are abused, so it is crucial that the staff member is stopped. Your nursing home abuse lawyer will present the case against the worker and will at the very least get them fired from their job. Then, depending on how bad the abuse is and how many witness there are to report it, this worker may be banned from working in healthcare ever again and may also need to serve some jail time. 

Receive Appropriate Compensation

Another important reason to hire a nursing home abuse lawyer for an elderly person that has been abused is that it gives them the opportunity to receive compensation for the abuse that they have experienced. This is especially important if part of the abuse included financial exploitation. Going to court will give this elderly person the opportunity to get the money back that was used improperly and against their will. Compensation is also important for all types of abuse though because this money will go towards the bills for the lawyer, medical bills, counseling to recover from the abuse, etc. 


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