Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

Snapchat and Driving: A Dangerous Duo You Need to Know About

Kristina Walker

SnapChat is the latest phase in teenage social media. It is very simple to use but can make driving more dangerous if the teen feels the need to SnapChat and drive. You need to know what laws are enforced in your area. The current laws are engaged because the fatality rates are increasing with so many people snapping and driving. Here are some of those statistics for you to better understand the issues.

Hand-held Devices and the Law

Not every state has laws listed as distracted-driving laws. Fourteen states prohibit the use of any handheld cell phone usage while driving. However, these laws are considered a primary enforcement law, which means the officer can cite a driver for using the phone without the driver committing another traffic offense. 

A Plus Feature Can Be Dangerous

Initially, displaying the miles per hour (mph) was a beneficial feature of SnapChat. The app allowed you to view the speed the person was traveling at when a photo was taken. However, a fad centered on this feature rages with users from the ages of 13 to 23. Many teenagers decide to be dare-devils and speed while taking pictures to show off. This is a practice that must be discussed fully and dissuaded by the parents.

New drivers are often too inexperienced to understand the dangers involved in texting with the SnapChat app. It is dangerous for anyone, especially the younger generation.

The Brutal Statistics

The totals change daily, but drivers in their twenties constitute approximately 27% of the distracted drivers who become involved in fatal crashes. Most of the kids are having a great time and don't believe they can become involved as a statistic, but this happens all the time. Some records indicate that distracted driving is just as if not more dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol.

For example, one driver bragged of driving at 142mph and snapped a pic. Several days later, while traveling over 80 mph, this man collided with another vehicle and killed the other driver. Accidents can happen quickly, and SnapChat can be one of the culprits. Snapping is very addictive, and it is hard to stop. But is it worth the price that can be paid?

Dangers of the New Fad

This new fad with social media is quickly growing. It is going to take dedication and diligence to protect those who continue to remain uneducated on how quickly distracted driving can kill you and anyone in your path. Driving demands the driver pay attention when operating the motor vehicle. You cannot do that if you are snapping at the same time.

If you become involved in an accident, it is advisable to hire an auto-accident attorney so you will fully understand your rights. Your future could depend on good guidance throughout your court journey if you are the cause of the accident.


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