Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

What To Do If Your Doctor Causes a Birth Injury Due to Premature Inducing

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If your obstetrician induced labor because he or she believed your baby was ready to be born but miscalculated your baby's due date, this may have caused injuries to your baby from being born prematurely. If you decide to pursue a legal case, here are steps to take when going through the process of suing your obstetrician for medical negligence which harmed your baby.

Contact a Physical Injury Attorney

You will need to hire an attorney to represent your child. Look for an attorney that specializes in medical malpractice cases, particularly birth cases, if possible. He or she will know the legal jargon used specifically in new birth medical malpractice suits and will use past, similar cases as guidelines in handling your own case. Hire this attorney as soon as possible, as your baby's current health state is needed to prove that the doctor performed his or her job negligently.

Document All Facts

Write down any pertinent information regarding your baby's due date and delivery to give to your attorney for analysis. If you have any paperwork given to you from your routine obstetrical appointments, hand these over as well. Take photographs of your baby showing the distress he or she is suffering from due to coming out of the womb too early. Find out names of nurses or other staff who were present during your maternal appointments or baby's birth and have them write reports about information they heard the doctor tell you about your baby's due date and what happened during the birth. 

Obtain Funding

Trying a doctor in a court of law for medical malpractice can be very expensive. Make sure you have the funds available to pay your attorney, as there will most likely be professional obstetricians and other doctors called in to testify on your behalf. These individuals will need to be paid for their time in addition to your attorney. Since cost can be an issue, you may want to consider seeing a bank about a personal loan to handle your fees so you do not need to drop your lawsuit before it is completed.

Involve the Hospital

If you believe the hospital knew the doctor who delivered your baby had a reputation for negligence tactics in the past, you may be able to involve the hospital in the lawsuit as well. The staff would need to provide the lawyer with the doctor's credentials, including any past malpractice claims against him or her. Involving the hospital may ensure you will be compensated for your and your baby's pain and suffering, emotional distress, lost wages, and your baby's continued care as he or she is working toward the path of recovery.

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