Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

3 Questions To Ask Your Auto Accident Attorney

Kristina Walker

If you are thinking of hiring an auto accident attorney, you may not know what to expect. Your accident attorney will be able to guide you through the settlement or suit process. However, here are a few suggested questions to ask your lawyer:

How much money do I need to pay upfront?

You may be hesitant to hire a car accident attorney because you are concerned about the cost. Legal fees can be expensive. However, most accident attorneys will take your case on contingency, which means that you only have to pay the lawyer if you receive compensation. A contingency fee is generally a percentage of the total compensation that you receive. If your lawyer accepts this type of pay, he or she will not require upfront payment. In addition, you can count on the attorney to work hard to get you maximum compensation, because his or her fee is based on your settlement amount.

Should I sue?

If you have substantial damages, you may be wondering if you should sue. Your lawyer can let you know if you have enough evidence to prove that the other party's negligence caused the accident. In addition, any damages that you claim must be proven by documentation, such as medical records and automotive bills. Pay stubs can indicate the amount of lost wages involved. Even if you do have enough evidence, your lawyer may first attempt to recover your damages through a settlement unless the other party is uncooperative. 

What can I claim as "damages?"

Your reimbursable damages should include your medical expenses, property loss, lost wages, loss of affection, and pain and suffering.

  • Medical expenses for physical or psychological therapy, doctor's visits, medical equipment and home care should all be payable.
  • Property loss is the cost to repair or replace your damaged property.
  • Lost wages include any income that you have lost due your recovery period.
  • Loss of companionship occurs when injuries from the accident keep you and your spouse from displaying intimacy or affection.
  • Pain and suffering damages are due to the distress you endured because of the accident. The discomfort can be physical or mental.  

If you are planning to seek compensation after an auto accident, you may already know that an attorney can increase your chances of receiving fair retribution. However, you may have questions. Contact a firm such as Kornfeld Robert B Inc PS for a consultation. He or she can provide answers for your concerns.


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